Book 2, Page 124

Teptep has priorities.

4 responses to “Book 2, Page 124”

  1. Spider says:

    Have definitely had my own little durac flyers demand more pets when I stop petting them (for some inexplicable reason, even though they are SO CUTE)

  2. Sage says:

    This is maybe a weird comment, but the fact that the ship crew all think that Sheol’s a dude and refer to “him” as the Scarecrow makes the people feel a lot more real? It just seems like a real assumption people would make (not in a malicious way).

    Also, your panelling is really nice! You’ve had some great layouts in the last number of pages. I feel like I’ve maybe said all of this before (if so, I honestly forget, because it’s been a while), but it’s all true!!

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