Book 2, Page 155

So that’s settled.

6 responses to “Book 2, Page 155”

  1. cliff says:

    I have been reading since page 1, but I now must comment and compliment you – your stories have some of the most depth in any comics I read online. Brava, brilliant work!

  2. Matt says:

    What kind of clothes would fit that nice person in that last panel…

  3. Jordan says:

    “‘Nice people deserve nice clothes, after all!'”

    In its appeal to superficial vanity over deep personal love and loyalty, that is a classic temptation of the sort in which a Disney villain might engage.

    • Sooz says:

      I’d argue, however, that running around in crappy clothing doesn’t feel super great!

      The real issue has nothing to do with clothing and everything to do with communication. The choice of more clothing is smoke and mirrors.

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