Book 2, Page 164

Teptep: Just chillin’

5 responses to “Book 2, Page 164”

  1. Jordan says:

    Yeren is so cute and cherubic and clearly innocent … we just KNOW he has to have good intentions while Sheol is all dark and broody and monstrous so she’s mega bad right? 😇😈 😜

    • Sooz says:

      I mean, Yeren’s here and Sheol isn’t, so that’s already kind of a leg up in terms of potential smooching, IMO

      • Jordan says:

        I am of course quite aware that Yeren has nefarious ulterior motives, while Sheol simply worships Lilika with every part of her strange composite self.

  2. Ampersandworm says:

    I mean, they did promise to take her into the city and buy her some nice clothes. Clearly all their motives are noble and pure of heart, because bad people never pressure you into accepting unsolicited gifts and favors.

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